Spoken Conversation

Ben: Alright we filming, Tom your phone sucks.

Tom: Screw you

Sam: To be fair what brand even is it? Some dodgy chinese brand.

Tom: It’s not a dodgy phone.

Ben: It actually is. Better then Pablos phone. Giga phone. Well at least Pablos phones got Pokemon.

Sam and Ben: “I play Pokemon Go everyday.”

Ben: No ok so how old is that cash me ouside girl?

Tom: 16.

Ben: No like like the episode.

Olly yelling inaudible words

All the boys laughing.

Ben: No how olds the episode


Tom:  Aw wait the episode, I dont know that. I dont know how old the episode is.

Ben: It’s like real old.

Sam: It was you can tell.

Tom: It’s not that old.

Ben: Caash me ousideeeeeee how bou dahhhh.

Tom: It wasn’t that long ago though

Sam:  Would you go?

Pablo: Yea I’d go.

Sam: Ya know the mexicans can help.

Tom: All the videos shes been posting.

Sam: Yo

Ben: She’s only just gotten famous now.

Sam: So so it’s b b been out for while now.

Tom: Couple months now.

Ben: She’s only gone viral like like lately.

Tom: She’s the same age in all the videos.

Ben: So it must’ve it must’ve

Pablo: Is that it?

Ben: Looked a bit different.

Tom: Na she looks the same.

Ben and Sam: Yea she does.

Tom: Slightly older.

Pablo stutters.

Sam: Yooooo.

Ben: Okey.

Sam: Pablo rates. She’s in ah ah who whos videos is she in? Aw yea Kodak Black.

Tom: Who dat.

Ben: Aw yea him.

Tom: WHo even is that, who even is Kodak.

Pablo: He a rappa.

Ben: He’s like Kanye.

Sam: How Kanye are you?

Pablo: Pretty Kanye.

Sam: Dis guy, alright Ben slap him.

Pablo: Your so loud (voice crack). Ya voice goes like whoooooooo.

Tom: Not me.

Pablo: No Teal. Nooooooo.

Ben: Alright pablo square him up.


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